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About Us

Pushing Pixels Legally Since 2002

zzDecember Design is an independently owned and operated web & graphics design studio specializing in cutting edge Responsive Websites,  Graphics, Branding, Print, & Documents.
We develop, deploy, and manage top quality sites for businesses, organizations and individuals. Creating unique graphic artwork, logos, advertisements, datasheets, & branding tailored to specific requests and needs.
December Design combines art and technology to keep your business relevant in the fast pace digital universe. Every project is unique and one size does not fit all when it comes to individual design and development requirements.
If you are starting a new  project from scratch or having a current project redesigned, we will help you build or create a powerful brand that resonates with your target audience. We use the latest technology, combined with unmatched creativity to design exciting, current and functional art for our clients. TEST

Web Design

Some interesting percentages

Mobile Devices

“By 2014 40% of consumers will be using mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, etc.) for research and information to compare products and services on the internet. The experience needs to be optimized (Responsive) for mobile use to reach this on-the-go crowd.”

Online Searches

“61% of global internet users research information online about restaurants, nightlife, entertainment, products and services. 46% of all web searches each day are for product and service information. Search Engine Optimization is crucial for web traffic.”

Inbound Marketing

“34% of all  leads come from inbound marketing, and inbound leads delivered 54% more leads into the marketing funnel than traditional outbound tactics. (Outbound: commercials, cold calls, flyers. Inbound: webpage, social media, search engine optimization)”

Web Presence

“65% of global small businesses elected to create a web presence because they feel it makes their company look more credible. 60% say that a web presence is critical for a small company’s success. Allow us to help you present your brand across the planet.”


Mind your business, and we will too!


Intelligent and Visually Appealing

Web Design

Having  an up to date, responsive, functioning and visually appealing website will attract more clients. We provide current solutions for an ever changing environment.


A picture says a thousand words. Communication through colors and shapes can sometimes be more informative than words themselves.

See, smiling now?


A brand is the most important asset of a company. We have more creative and civilized ways of identifying and separating you from the competition then a hot iron stamp.


While some say print is dead, we believe there are still plenty of reasons you will need to publish high quality, attention grabbing images for all of the traditional mediums still in circulation today.


Layout design for datasheets, booklets, or manuals are an important marketing tool. Presentation of an idea on paper, digitally or tangibly, should not be overlooked.


Foundation | Façade | Construction | Landscaping | Deployment | Support

ddecember Design treats each project with the respect and dedication as our own reputation. Our approach is constructed through a six part building phase. We start with the Foundation Phase, where we build a shared vision by gathering general information, priorities and time table. The Façade Phase is implemented once we come to a consensus on your vision and medium. During the Façade Phase, concepts, references, samples, and ideas are exchanged in order to create a prototype worth polishing. Construction Phase commences once we have a solid prototype

that you are encouraged with. During this phase, implementation of technology, programming and layout are put together to create a beta product. Landscaping Phase begins once we have a full concept in place. During this phase we will be testing and polishing the beta product into a quality item you are completely satisfied with. Deployment Phase initiates once we have finished polishing the product and hand over the keys to you for utilization of your product. The final phase is the Support Phase. We will be available to assist you and educate you should you have any questions or concerns in regards to your project.



Fully Responsive

Adaptive layouts, exemplary reading and clear navigation across all platforms (mobile or static ) is very important in today’s technological markets.

SEO Solutions

Search Engine Optimization. Whether its organic or paid, being on the early results of a search engine makes your website work for you.

Content Management

Take control of your site’s blog, posts, photos and registration with a learnable backend interface that you can manage on your own.


Maintaining a proper and accessible website that expresses who you are and what you stand for to a visitor is a critical tool for credibility.



Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash,  3D Studio Max, WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL.


Digital Art, Photo Correction & Manipulation,  Vector Designs,  3D Renders, Layout Design, Re-Imagined Creatives.


No job is too big or too small, we can help project your message in any size container you may require.


We not only do this to support our families, we do this to support our love of everything creative.



Creating unique, memorable, scalable logos that project an identity is imperative for recognition.


From banner ads to posters to car wraps. Having a visually appealing advertisement goes a long way.


Cookie cutter presentations have their place. Sometimes you need to show off your idea in a more dynamic way.


Hand drawn sketches and diagrams presented in a digital format ensure your idea is clean and legible.


Publication Layouts

Digital or tangible publications that are elegant and presented properly, create a polished feel to your ideas or products.

Business Packages

Logos, Business Cards, Letterheads, Envelopes, Mailing Labels, Notepads,  Pens, Cards, Stickers.


Want to spread the word about your event or business? Flyers are a great way to be put in a clients hand.


Have a drawing or idea you want to wear around town. Let us convert your idea to show off your thought.


Page Layouts

Need a clean layout with eye catching design, allow us to pretty up your text files into a more modern layout.


Every email sent to a potential or current customer should be engaging, informative and more than just text.

Product Manuals

Precision and legibility of your product manuals ensure your customers are knowledgeable about your product.

Annual Reports

Present your reports that emphasize activities and showcase your diagrams in a concise format.

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Some of the things we have done

Punch’d Energy Branding · Documents · Graphics · Print · Web Design
Jason & Lisa’s Wedding Branding · Graphics · Print · Web Design
LGF Partners Web Design
Klean Karz Branding · Graphics · Print · Web Design
Monoxco Branding · Graphics · Web Design
The DLRSHP Graphics · Print · Web Design
Gummy Beans Branding · Graphics · Print · Web Design
NiDustries Branding · Graphics · Web Design
Lisa Pinelli Photography Branding · Graphics · Web Design
Unight Branding
Kar Tunz Branding · Graphics · Print
Tyrian Branding · Graphics · Print · Web Design
Logos Branding
Graphics Documents · Graphics · Print
Silicon Xtal, Inc. Branding · Documents · Graphics · Print · Web Design
Black Book Industries Branding · Graphics
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